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A Guide to Cancer - World Cancer Day 2016

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Posted On : 2016-02-01 14:35:32


Cancer makes a rapid creation of abnormal cells that grow beyond their boundaries and the affect the adjoining parts by spreading to them.

Arising Problem:-

Cancer is arising as the greatest threat to human community .Cancer is the leading cause for the death of 8.2 million deaths worldwide and at the same time it is estimated that it will increase up to  13.1 million and 80% of cancer death is occurring in middle and developing countries.

The major types of cancer that causes death are

Lung (1.37 million deaths)
Stomach (736 000 deaths)
Liver (695 000 deaths)
Colorectal (608 000 deaths)
Breast (458 000 deaths)
Cervical cancer (275 000 deaths)

Causes of Cancer:-

Cancer arises from a single cell .  A single from pre-cancerous lesion to malignant tumors undergoes multi stage changes into a tumor. The changes occurs as a result of  personal genetic factors and by some external factors such as 

physical carcinogens like ultraviolet and ionizing radiation.

chemical carcinogens like asbestos, tobacco smoking components and by aflatoxin (food contaminant) arsenic (water contaminant).

Risk Factors:-

The main cancer cause risk factors are

  1. Use of Tobacco by any means.
  2. Use of Alcohol
  3. Overweight  and Obesity
  4. Unhealthy Diet or Low Intake of Fruits and Vegetables
  5. Sexually transmitted HPV Infection
  6. Smoke from solid fuels
  7. Urban air pollution

tobacco is the single most cause for cancer since it is responsible for 71% global lung cancer death .

How to avoid cancer?

  1. Do not use tobacco of any means
  2. Do not drink alcohol
  3. Do not intake contaminated water or food
  4. Don't be a victim to radiation exposure
  5. Consume good quantity of vegetable and fruit in your diet
  6. Maintain your BMI
  7. Keep your body physically active by routine physical workout.

Early detection:-

The chance of effective treatment is high when cancer is detected at a early stage  and it is necessary to have the awareness about the early symptoms of cancer.


  1. If the problem in bowel is occasional it is normal but if the changes in your bowel may be an indication of colon cancer. The whole colon is affected by colon cancer whereas the rectal cancer affects the lower portion that connects to the anus
  2. If the bowel changes occurs with frequent diarrhea and constipation it may be a indication of cancer .
  3. Rectal bleeding may be the indication of rectal cancer and if you experience bleeding every time when you create a rectal movement  You may notice blood.
  4. Urinary changes are common as we age but some signs such as leaks and incontinence ,Inability to urinate when it urges to, Delayed Urination ,Straining during urination, and blood in urine may be symptoms of Prostate  cancer.
  5. Back pain is common as you age , But sometimes persistent back pains unlike occasional muscle pain that causes tenderness and discomfort in the bones may be indication of prostate cancer
  6. If you have persistent cough without any stuffy nose or fever and when cough accompanied with bloody mucus it may be indication of lung cancer
  7. If you rapidly drop weight without any diet change then it's time to check a physician
  8. If you find any suspicious lumps in your breast then consult with your physician
  9. Many cancers are difficult  to detect at early stage but it in time it will make noticeable change your body notice it as soon possible and respond to it with apt measures .


Cancer treatment need a careful selection of treatments such as surgery , radiotherapy, chemotherapy . The goal is to cure or prolong life with better quality. Cancer treatment is always better when accompanied with psychological support.

Some of the common cancers such as oral, cervical, breast and colorectal cancer has the high rate of curability when detected early .And the chances of survival is less when cancer found in later stages.

Palliative Care or Cancer Care:-

It is a treatment to relieve cancer symptoms rather than to cure it. Palliative care gives the cancer affected patients  confidence and helps to increase the quality. There is an humanitarian need for the cancer affected patients who fight against cancer psychologically.

World Cancer Day 2016:-

World Cancer Day 2016  is taking place on Feb-4 with the tag line " We Can. I can". As a human being it's our duty to stand along with the real fighters of life. We must act  as "You are Not Alone and We are always here with you".

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