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All India Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Entrance Test -2016

Common category: Author : Saravanan
Posted On : 2016-05-04 15:35:08

AIPMT-2016 is held in In compliance with the directives of the Honorable Supreme Court of India by the the Central Board of Secondary Education . The exam is conducted as two phase in which the first phase of examination is completed on may-1st. The candidate those who applied for the first phase is not allowed to attend the second phase exam even though candidate is absent on the first phase exam.The second phase of examination will be conducted on July-24.Most of the students prefer the second phase of examinations so that there will be plenty of time to prepare for the exam.

The exam is conducted and meritorious students will be allocated 15% of seats from all india medical colleges and the remaining 85 percentage will be given to the state government. Many state government are against the order of supreme court and filed Intervention petition for a stay order but the court refused to give a stay and they decided to take it into consideration on May-5th hearing.Several state governments and private associations are against common entrance test .Some of the disadvantages of common entrance test are.

  1. The test is conducted only in english which indirectly pushes the need of good proficiency in english to do the exam well
  2. The state board syllabus are entirely different from central board syllabus which will create a great hardship to rural candidates
  3. The probability of a rural candidate from a undeveloped and developing state to surpass the common entrance will be very less.  

The result for both phases will be declared on August 17 and admissions concluded by September 30. The state governments and the students are awaiting for the decision of the supreme court with the fingers crossed.


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