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Are we really independent? - Independence Day 2016

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Posted On : 2016-08-13 12:48:23
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Today we celebrate our national independence day. But a question remains whether we are really independent? It is not just a ceremony to be conducted in a memory of our independence from UK. Our fore fathers struggled to make us independent by means of thoughts, action and to protect our heritage and individuality.

But now we are just losing all our identities and individuality from food to cloth and even our pet animals. Corporate giants are deciding what to wear, what to cultivate, what to eat and there is no need to mention the fate of our government is decided by them. But who is allowing all these non sense to happen. It's us.

Yes the problem lies within us. Why the hell are we running behind westernization and what is the proud in being a copy cat and importing from foreign when we have all the essential natural wealth and the power to engineer what so ever we need.

India's unity in diversity is the key to our growth and we have a very rich cultural and linguistic background than any other country in the world. But we study in a foreign language. No matter how many languages a human knows he can think only on his mother's tongue and that's why Americans Japanese, Germans, Russians are in the peak of defense engineering and we are the largest importer of defense.

So stand with your identity and don't be bullied by means of trends by corporate. Be Indian, Buy Indian, and Think Indian, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Indians.
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Saravanan Laxmanan
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