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Art of Public speaking

Common category: Author : Radha
Posted On : 2015-10-28 09:08:03

Art of Public speaking is a gift only some are blessed with that. Our communication should be interesting and attractive to influence and entertain our listener. Public speaking varies according to the situation.

Speech involves three ways namely informative speaking where information is shared with interesting humor and examples. Next is persuasive speaking which is done to convince audience and make them to accept the fact usually followed in public meetings. Entertaining speech is an option of making audience come out of boredom, after meal speech should be entertaining that keeps audience awake. Speaker should know the purpose of speech and prepare interesting information that meets objective with sense of humor.

Style of language we use plays a vital role in influencing audience. Make use of simple language to convey the information, do not use technical terms as some people would not understand that, use only pleasant words and phrases to communicate. Then your conversation should be in a logical flow according to the topic which makes the gathering to understand better.

Effective Speaking involves environment of speech delivery. Outdoor speaking needs more effort to keep audience in track, for that orator should have creative thinking and high sense of humor. Indoor Speaking does not need that much effort but there is advantage of using power point presentation to engage audience into your track and make them understand your objective. Presentation should contain short text with images, as people cannot concentrate on your speech when there is too much of text to read in slide. At the same time, visual presentation must communicate with gathered people.

Speaker needs to rehearse once or twice before the date considering all the key notes of the session and time limit. On the day of speaking, he/she must grab the attention of audience by self-introduction, rising curiosity and perfect eye contact sticking to them. Interestingly give a pause wherever needed and speak with required audibility.

At the final stage of speaking reduce your voice, slow down the pace of speech and bind a summary of speech. Gestures and facial expression while speaking should relate your topic. Complete your speech with Q&A session and satisfy your gathering by answering the raised questions, answer should be relating your speech making them to understand better.


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3 years ago

Informative Article. first we have to throw out the fear and then focus on how to deliver our speech in an effective manner.

3 years ago

You have shared a valuable article, one's speaking style initialize their attitude & positive energy.

Chandru sharma
Chandru sharma
3 years ago

First of all we are having self confidence for speaking in public and also should take correct topic of speech and release boldness


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