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Back to School

Common category: Author : Merlin Vimal
Posted On : 2016-05-30 17:08:17

Dear students,

Hope you are doing good and enjoyed your holidays very happily. 

How was the days? Yeah! Hope it would be good and pleasurable.

Almost summer holidays got over!! The time to prepare yourself for school has come!! 

As students, you would have enjoyed your summer holidays with your family, friends and relatives. You might have gone for tour and spent a great time there. Now it’s time for you to get back to school.

Start your academic year with energy to face new challenges. You will have different feelings such as fear, happiness, sadness and excitement when you think about going back to school after a break. Some of you would have concern about the study burden and thinking of the way how you are going to perform. You can talk with friends and family to get rid of anxiety. 

Never get worried, you can handle this very easily if you know the way. Before school starts get into a routine starting from the waking up time till you come back to home. Wake up early adjusting your school timings and manage the things that you do before moving to school. You would have got the books and things that are needed for the school. Organize and keep those things in your school bags before a day.

Check your syllabus and have a look on the subjects you have. Refer past five years question papers and get to know the frequently asked questions(FAQs). Think and set goals about the things you would like achieve in this academic year. Doing so will enable you to get prepared for attending the school.

Once you enter the school, never hesitate to communicate with others, introduce yourself, make friends, get involved in various school activities and express your thoughts in a right way. Starting from the day 1 have a practice to listen the class properly, ask doubts then and there, volunteer yourself in answering the questions posed by teachers and revise the lessons you have learnt daily (if it is a theory subject write and if it sum based work out).

When you start doing these things regularly, you will not be burdened at the last moment of your exams. Enjoy your school days joyfully but at the same time concentrate on your studies. Remember school is the backbone for your studies.

Go back to school happily and achieve your dreams.....

Image Source : Al Iman school

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