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Do we need character education in schools?

Common category: Author : Merlin Vimal
Posted On : 2016-06-20 16:55:52

In simple terms, character can be defined as the combination of mental characteristics and moral qualities of an individual. It is important to have and develop good character from childhood as this portrays who you really are. It has the ability to shape destiny of both individual and society. 

Trustworthiness + respect + responsibility + fairness + caring + citizenship =  Pillars of character

J. C. Watts says that “Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking.”

There is a proverb “An ounce of character is worth a pound of intelligence.” This shows that character is important than academics.

What is character education?

Character education teaches good moral values and important character traits beyond academics which encourages the development of ethical and responsible individuals. It helps in emotional, moral and intellectual development of an individual.

Why character education is needed in schools?

Schools need to include character education and teach them the correct path they have to move on as this helps the students to develop their character in a better way and make right decisions. Students have to be shown examples of good character and they have to be encouraged by the teachers to practice the things they have learnt in their life. Students will learn to be patient, self-controlled and diligent from this method of education.

Character education provides knowledge and prepares the students to make use of the opportunities, face & deal with unknown dangers and handle pressure caused by negative influences. When it is implemented in schools, you can see higher academic performance, improved attendance, reduced violence and fewer disciplinary issues.

When students are taught about character traits effectively in schools then the future generation will be good.

Remember that Intelligence + Character = True Education


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