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Posted On : 2016-05-06 10:22:41
As a citizen, it is our duty to choose the quality leader. The election is to be alleged on May 16, 2016. The day of voting is a predominant day to decide each and everyone’s destiny. A perfect leader can only guide a people in a right way. People must see the manifesto of every party and then they will decide who is eligible to rule us. New voters none other than the youngsters are the backbone of the country should be volunteered to vote on May 16 and also to create awareness among public “How important the voting day is?”Even a single vote will lead to miss a good leader, so everyone should realize the importance of voting and everyone who is above the age of 18 should vote. When we concern about the nation, the people should be more conscious about the nation’s wealth rather than a favorite personality. An elected person is responsible for the growth of the entire nation.

In addition to that, our duty is not ended in that single day. Most of the people say that no one is eligible to become a ruling party, but unfortunately someone is going to rule us. Instead of that, the educated people and the youngsters come forward to take part in the election constitution and make the nation into a developing pathway. Blaming others will never give a success. Unity and directly involving in action will provide a finest outcome. The strength of youngsters and positive thoughts reveal a betterment of the nation. Make our nation to be an Incredible and Proud.

“Proud of your nation, Nation will be proud of you”.
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