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Drama skills in classroom

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Posted On : 2015-06-26 17:46:28

Students of this generation are interested in watching television and tend to enact the characters of the program as it has created an impact on them. Some parents enjoy seeing their children dancing, singing and acting as characters in the movies or cartoons. On the other side, teachers use different methods of teaching to get the attention of the students. To relate both of this, drama skills are to be used in classroom.

You may ask:

How this will work in classroom?

What is purpose of using drama skills in classroom?

How a teacher can execute this?

Will the students like this?

Now we are going to discuss about using and effects of drama, performance or acting skills in Classroom.

Body language or physical animation, voice or vocal animation, role-playing, humor, keeping surprise and suspense and making students perform on the drama or lesson are some of the acting skills that can be used in the classroom to gain attention from students and make learning interesting for them. Students will easily understand the concepts if this method is executed properly and they will also be more interested to attend the classes. This will motivate students and make them enthusiastic in classroom.

Students expect teachers to listen and respond them so use a positive body language while listening to them and to gain attention of the class, teach with expressions rather than giving lecture. Communicate effectively by using your voice and by making variations in pitch while you are reading in class. Role-playing is a familiar term for us in which teachers can narrate a story rather than reading it, enact the character in the story or make the students to act as the characters. To improve teaching and to avoid boredom in classroom, teachers can share humorous incidents or add humor sense in lessons, keep suspense which will create expectation in student’s mind and give surprises which will motivate them.

Teachers can follow this technique to make classroom teaching wonderful and attract students. 


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Sankara krishnan V
Sankara krishnan V
4 years ago

Nice articles ...Extra circular activities are most important for to enhance his personal skills and life style.

4 years ago

Nice article.. It's true that drama education gets more attention than the normal learning and enhances children creative, learning and communicative skills.


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