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Posted On : 2015-06-02 17:27:42

In today’s world education is essential for every individual irrespective of income and gender. The education gap between rural and urban areas is further getting wider. Though the education trends in cities have undergone massive changes, there is no much improvement in rural education. Still rural education lacks quality, Infrastructure, transportation above all getting students to school is again a big deal. 

Basic education is quite important for empowering our self with the basic knowledge which enables us to distinguish between right and wrong decisions. Spreading basic education in rural area is still a need today. So what would be our contribution to those needy and willing poor children for their future living? Many initiatives have been taken by government to boost education in rural areas but still some remote areas lack in education.

Creating education awareness through campaigns and media are good but they are not that effective as still many are unaware of the importance of education. Young and educated volunteers should come forward and give their support for the needy people for enhancing their livelihood. Conduct dramas, puppet show and events imparting educational importance. Make them to know the importance of education and teach them that it is the only mode that can change their life and bring a bright future.  

Education is one such tool that improves our life style and creates awareness of things happening around us. Above all it gives confidence and support to lead a perfect and prosperous life. Many nonprofit organizations are making their contribution to support in helping out the underprivileged children with education and help them to come up in their life. Likewise the reputed companies and sponsors can come forward to uplift the rural children. So provide quality school education to rural children who cannot otherwise afford it.


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Chandru sharma
Chandru sharma
4 years ago

Education is key success of our life and career is must for everything in today's competetive world's

4 years ago

It is true that education in rural areas beyond the average line. Government should take necessary action to bring quality education with proper infrastructure in rural areas.


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