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Education in Facebook

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Posted On : 2015-03-12 18:01:51

Facebook is an
incredible learning tool. As the popularity of facebook continues to
grow educators feel that this would be an effective mode of education
to promote learning and collaboration. Facebook is not only meant to
find friends or to know their status but can also be used as an
effective education tool. Teachers can utilize Facebook for sharing
class projects, enhancing communication, and engaging students in a
manner that is not possible in case with normal classroom settings.

It provide a forum for
extending the traditional classroom and enabling students to join
groups that match individual educational interests. Using facebook
for education offers plenty of opportunities for learning and
interactivity and further improve our written communication,
interpersonal communication and develop group collaboration. In
facebook students can create group for entire class and thereby share
class projects and materials that allows for easy sharing of
information and communication. They can even send messages, post home
works, share multimedia and can intractly directly with tutors.

Participation of a
teachers and students on the Facebook has seen a

impact on their relationship both online and offline. This mode of
learning goes beyond school hours. Students and teacher interact
regularly posting their questions and receiving feedback through the
page, were observed to have stronger relationship than other teacher
and students. This shows that frequent contact results in a more
positive relationship between teachers and students. Educators should
encourage and promote this medium to excite and educate students.


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