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Education System In India

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Posted On : 2015-02-12 15:40:08

Education plays a vital role and there is no substitute for education. ''A child without education is like a bird without wings''. This is the reason why education is made compulsory for children. High value is placed on education as it is the base for our future life and gives stable growth. Today every parents want their children to get quality education and take all needed efforts. But where the quality stands? Are we provided with quality education system? These are some of the questions with regard to education system in India.

In India we give more importance to academic subjects with little scope for creativity and extra-curricular activities. Our education system mainly give emphasis to mechanical learning, memorization and help the students by providing all required information so that there is no need for them to think on their own. This system of education stop the students from thinking independently and creatively. We give strong focus on examinations and compare the students based on the same.

Creating new schools or developing more colleges and private universities will not give any solution to the educational issues in India. To have good and quality education system in India we need to focus on giving skill based education system to students which will help them in their practical life. We should encourage and appreciate student's originality, creativity and innovation. Place smart people for teaching as they are the one's who can mold the students as creators or innovators and also to be a good citizen.

Further we need to concentrate more on implementing massive technology in education, get private capital for improving and developing the educational standards and facilities above all avoid reservation system in education to make it available for all irrespective of group.


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