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Exam Failure NOT Equal to Life Failure - How to Rise Again?

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Posted On : 2015-01-27 10:18:57
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I know how it feels after failing in your exam.A sense of humiliation and expression of self defeat will be over whelming.Definitely this is not what you are expecting.the reality is failures are common in life.Failure is temporary .Remember that you are not defined by just this exam or any one thing in life, the real you depends on how you are going to rise again? Yes only failures teach about the reality of life, gives you power to endure any obstcales at your path become a stepping i will show you some ways that i used over come my exam failure.

Analyse and Conquer Feelings :-

1. Analyse and find the mistakes that you had done, and accept it. learn from it. it's not failure it is enlightenment to the path to find the right way.

2. But don't over concentrate on your result itself and don't let you fear and depression control you.

3. This is not the only one chance, you may have an another go by resisting or alternative exams and you are not only one person in this situation.

Don't Compare With Others:-

1. The Biggest mistake of our success obsessed society is to compare themselves with others.Stop comparing yourself with others.

2. Everyone in this world is not same, they don't have same hard circumstance that you had.

3. No one can be perfect in this world.even though if someone compares you with other.just be calm there will be turn to show them really what you are capable of.

See Solutions,Not Problems:-

Don't focus on problems that you have.Focus on the solutions for it then you will find it easy.

1. Don't focus on problems that you have.Focus on the solutions for it then you will find it easy.

2. Find your strength and weaknesses.

3. Believe in yourself.Practise Meditation.

4. Make a chart with to do list to overcome your problems.

5. Stick that chart on mirror and do accordingly.

Rise Back:-

Change is the only thing that will not change in life.

1. Focus in what it matters to do exam.

2. Turn all of your disappointments and anger into self motivation.

3. Work for the upcoming exams in a smart way,learn subjects thoroughly.

4. Wait for the day and hit it hard with all you can.I am sure you will win it.

I drawed my inspiration from this quote of BILL GATES

" I failed in some subjects in exam,but my friend passed it all.
Now he is an engineer in microsoft and i am the
owner of microsoft "

Don't Give Up and I hope you do so....All the best..

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