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April Fool's Pranks .Mobile & Computer

Common category: Author : Saravanan
Posted On : 2016-03-31 15:26:44

Hi I am going show you some simple ways to play prank with your friends and family on this April Fool's Eve. This is an era of electronics and communication and now mobiles and computer's are the best companion. yeah your guess is right we are going to play with mobiles and system.

Prank 1: Tilt the window.

This is my favorite prank see whether your friends system is on, press ctrl+alt+downarrow key now without his or notice the screen will be upside down. Press ctrl+alt+uparrow key to restore.

Prank 2: Rearrange keys.

Rearrange the some of the keys in your friend's keyboard.

Prank 3: Make Desktop Icon Disappear

Right click on your friends desktop background view-> remove the tick from show desktop icons. Now the desktop icons will disappear resulting them confused.

Prank 4: Mouse Trap.

Take a piece of paper and write a note as "April Fool" cut it to a small size of the optical mouse and stick below the mouse unseen now the mouse pointer will not move and they will surely see the note.

Prank 5:Set Background

Get the phone from your friend as if you need to call for someone capture a screenshot of the screen and set it as wallpaper. Similarly you can do this in system also

Prank 6:Set Alarm or Remainder.

Get the phone from your friend.Set alarm or remainder with the note  "April Fool" in your friends phone at a abnormal time.

Prank 7: Change mouse from right-handed to left-handed

Go to control panel select mouse icon in device and printers Right-click the mouse icon and click on Mouse properties. Check the box that says "Switch primary and secondary buttons" then click "Apply" and "OK". This will make your friend go crazy.

Prank 8: Make them work in windows 93.

This is one of the best prank. Just go to this link from your friends computer when he is not at desk and click f11. It will look as the os has been changed to windows 93 all the options in it will work as os. press f11 again to restore

Prank 9: Wake up call

There are many free wake up call services all over the Internet like or  go to here enter your friends phone number with a message as  April Fool and set the time as you wish.

I think you have enjoyed all the pranks. This is meant just for fun. Happy April Fool's Day. Don't get fooled.


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