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How to celebrate an environmental friendly diwali?

Common category: Author : Saravanan.L
Posted On : 2016-10-27 12:28:18

Hey I think you all are already into the mood of celebrating diwali a happiest festival for all, but have you thought of your environment? 

Yes we are polluting our environment a lot by throwing plastics and bursting crackers. On diwali day we light up lots and lots of crackers which act as perfect pollution services which releases toxic substances into our environment creating a huge amount of noise pollution and air pollution.

The noise created causes harmful effects for patients and animals. So what else we can do on this diwali and how to celebrate an environmental friendly diwali.

  • Diwali is the festival of lights symbolizing the victory of good over evil. You may light up mud lamps with organic oil in your which will bring peace and harmony
  • Please do not light fire crackers which add fuel to global warming. 
  • Share some of the money to the poor and orphans and do some charity by donating your old clothes.
  • Do not throw plastic boxes and plastic bags on road.
  • Eat healthy with a limit to avoid stomach disorders
  • Go to temple and other family gathering places to enrich your family values and spend time joyfully

And so let us all pledge this diwali to avoid fireworks and to celebrate an Eco Friendly diwali

                                                                     Happy Eco Friendly Diwali.


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