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How to Dress For a Interview - Fresher Special.

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Posted On : 2015-01-27 10:31:47
One of the great myths among freshers is what to wear for an interview? and here let see what to wear.

First Impressions last long,According to researchers interviewers make up their about a candidate in less than 2o seconds.It is important to impress them in your first look and behaviour.

1. If you know someone from that company ask them about the environment and culture.

2. Call the receptionist or human resource department and ask them about the recommended dress code.

3. According to the industry you are in, buy some new outfits which are professional and most importantly comfortable.

4. The outfit you are wearing should be tailored to perfection and comfort.

Before Interview:-

1. Clean fingernails cut to perfection.

2. Hair should be cut,well groomed and neat.

3. Dress Should be neatly ironed.

4. Remove all new tags and stickers from your new outfit.

5. A little make up is better than none,for a polished look.Don't over do make up.

6. It's better not to use perfumes.

7. Get a business tote or briefcase bag.You may carry your extra copies of resumes,portfolios,papers needed and other personal things concealed in.

8. Be before time to the interview venue.Switch off your cellphone.

For men:-

1. A two pieced matched suit is always best and safest choice,if it is not a suit environment then follow the things below.

2. Clean and neatly Ironed long sleeved shirts.solid colour or conservative types are preferable,Don't wear loud colours or prints.

3. A professional silk tie can be prefered without fancy stuff.

4. Pants that are professional and that well suits your shirt.

5. Dark Shocks that matches your pants colour.Length Should be upto your midcalf,so no skin should be visible when you sit down.

6. Leather laced-up or slip-on bussiness shoes preferably black or cordovan.

7. Leather belt should match your shoes in colour.

For Women:-

1. A skirt suit in dark navy, charcoal grey or black with a crisp white shirt, preferably brand new, is the most appropriate interview suit for corporates.

2. But if you are not comfortable with the western outfit,Check whether that company allows traditional outfits.

3. You may wear a professional saree or chudi with less prints.

4. Wear a low, conservative comfortable heels or power flats.Avoid shoes that expose your toes.

5. Wear simple elegant jewellery.

All the best for your interview..
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