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How to get Centum in 12th and 10th Standard Public Exam?

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Posted On : 2016-02-19 17:50:55

Many students have the desire to score centum in their 12th and 10th standard public examinations. 

Are you aiming to score centum in your board exams?

Even students scoring good marks/centum in their school exams will have fear in the mind while preparing for their board exams.

This alarm may be like Will I be able to score centum in all subjects? How can I avoid mistakes in exams? And so on. To get rid of this you need to follow some steps.

First you need to have confidence in yourself with a positive attitude which is essential part to top in exams. Tell to yourself that “If I am able to score good marks and centum in my school exams then why can’t I score centum in board exams.” This shows your positive attitude which will help you in attaining centum.

Make a proper schedule by allotting timing for particular subject and stick the time table in the place where you study. Note down important points for your reference. Try to solve previous exams question papers in a way to score centum. Give importance for the topics that is considered very important as intimated by your teachers. Study your text books thoroughly without missing out any topic.

On the night before exam revise the topics with the notes you have prepared or with the book. Keep your mind and body fresh so that you can wake up on time for your exam and write exam well. Once again revise by waking up in the early morning and don’t study till you enter into the exam hall. Check that you have taken the important things needed for exam in hand. Be relaxed before entering the exam hall.

Read the question paper with conscious and fix the timing you would take for writing the exam as time management is very important. Answer the questions you are confident first then go for the other questions so that you will not waste time in thinking. Never get panic if you forget an answer, relax yourself then the answer will strike you soon. 

Presentation matters a lot in exams so write neatly and legibly for attracting the eyes of the examiners. Highlight the important points and headings which you know that is the exact one preferred by the examiners. Finish your exam before 15 to 30 minutes then recheck your answer sheet to see whether you made any mistakes or missed something.

Give your answer sheet to the invigilator and walk out with confidence.  

Score centum!!!! Reach great heights!!!!!! 

Wish you all the very best.


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3 years ago

Wonderful article for students who wish to get high scores in public exam. Time is too short. Plan and study accordingly. Eat well and sleep well. Wish you all the best students!


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