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How to Handle Result Fear

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Posted On : 2015-05-01 16:58:01

Fear or anxiety is quite normal before the disclosure of exam results. Students get panic, stressed and worried about their result. Thinking on the exam results they even fail to enjoy their vacations. Getting too much anxiety make you feel depressed, confused, irritated and nervous. So don’t take yourself to that worst situation. Be confident no matter what would be the result. Exam results are not the only source to achieve your goal and passion. 

To avoid and overcome such situations you can engage yourself in other activities like talking to your friends, going for walk, playing games and relax yourself by reducing your mental pressure. Remember exam results are just marks not your life. Give your best in the exam and forget about the result, no worries even when the result is negative, you will get many chances to prove your academic excellence. Have faith and believe yourself.

So don’t put yourself under pressure thinking on your results and miss happy moments. Enjoy your holidays with friends and family and learn new things that you love about. Today we have enormous career opportunity so don’t bother about your results. Don’t think and worry about other expectations and talks, just concentrate on your health, future and move forward.


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