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Importance of Books

Common category: Author : S.Manikandaprabhu
Posted On : 2016-04-12 12:48:23
A Book in simple is a printed sheet of papers and pages with some information. How many of know the real value of it? These are not the tools to score marks in the examinations. These are something different.

There are many people who are fond of reading books. The books are available in almost all the languages like Tamil, English, Hindi etc and anyone can read books in their desired languages.
The Books are our real friends. These are our Guides. The books can teach you many things apart from your academics. We can learn many things from the books.

Do you know?
It is not a pretty good habit of reading books for scoring in the examinations and getting dumped with the numbers and letters in your mind. There are various books available on the subjects of moral value, Ethics, life style and many more where you can learn essential things which are value added to our life.

Books The Energisers:-
The books can encourage us when we are upset and gives the real energy. The book readers are valued more than a wealthy people in the knowledge circle. The books can enrich our experience and sharpen our minds. Thus, a good book is true friend and it never let us go in loneliness. These are always a good companion for our knowledge and infact, these are the value added companions.  
The Importance of books cannot be expressed fully from a single writer point of view and it differs from a person to person on how they value it. But, it is damn sure that the wholesome value can be grasped by the book readers.

Now, it is time for a question can I read all the books that cross my mind. Nope, you have to analyse the gist and decide if it is essential for you. 

So, in a way to bring out the importance of books, Edubilla, the global education and Information portal has bring down the books in a digitized mode as ONBOOKS. With the Edubilla onbooks, you can learn and read about the Tamil and English literatures, epic stories, novels, short stories and the biographies of famous people and even more.

                                                    Read Books, Increase your Knowledge!!!!

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3 years ago

what a fabulous explain about book!!! really the book readers have a wide knowledge.


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