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Importance of Grammar

Common category: Author : Merlin Vimal
Posted On : 2016-04-20 14:59:44

When you hear the term Grammar the first thing that comes to our mind is that it is very difficult to learn. But it is not so.

We start learning grammar from our school life. The way a teacher teaches and the way you learn it matters a lot. 

Is Grammar important?

Yes of course. Everything has to start from a basic and involves certain rules so is the thing with Grammar. As formula is for Maths, Grammar is for English. It is the important thing to learn language properly and effectively. Usage of proper grammar will deliver the appropriate meaning and clarity of the statement or message. In simple terms, Grammar is structural foundation of our ability in a language to express ourselves. It has an infinite power to shift the structure of a sentence and alters the meaning of the sentence.

Formula of Grammar:-

Grammar= syntax + morphology 

In which, morphology refers to the basic creation of words with meaning and syntax refers to the way that the words are arranged in a sentence to give the correct meaning. In addition to this, phonology (pronunciation rules) and semantics (study of word relation and meaning) can also be included in the grammar equation. 

Use of Grammar in our life:-

Grammar is vital in our day to day life as it gives clarity of meaning and the purpose in a language. Grammar has its part in the education & social life and enables you to obtain success in academic & career and communicate professionally. 

Learning rules of grammar make your communication clear, concise and easy. This will help you to avoid the errors in verb tense, sentence structure, contractions, punctuation, spelling and word usage that diminish the worth of your message.

Role of Grammar in digital age:-

The emergence of digital technologies has made writing a major thing for communication. In this situation it is essential for a writer to know the proper grammar rules. The matter you convey has to be credible, professional, in a way that shows respect to the readers, clear to understand and convenient to read as it has long posterity (i.e. it lives forever).

Providing quality and grammatical error free content to the readers is very important. To deliver the right information, write clearly and concisely. Well structured posts with proper grammar will gain the attention of many readers.

Hope you have got to know the importance of grammar and role that plays in our daily life and in the digital age.


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