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Posted On : 2016-10-07 08:44:09
Every year of 11th October is observed as International Day of the Girl Child. It was initiated in the year 2012, since then it was celebrated with some empowered or motivational topics to enrich even a new born girl child. The day is especially for girls to support and create awareness about the improvement and the present status of girls in their society.

Each and every year we celebrate it with a theme, and this year's theme for "INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIRL CHILD" is "A Global Girl Data Movement".

But still now, in developing countries people are living in a male dominating society. Most of the girl babies were vanished by their parents even before they see the light of this world. Still sex differentials in childhood takes place in some part of the world. Due to this the ratio of girl child faces drastic declination every year. This happens in majority of the countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and South Korea. And also, the girl babies more struggle to attain even their basic needs like education, healthy nutrition, health care, etc. Even the school going child has forced to dropout from a school and force them involuntarily to child marriage. Otherwise they are made to dropout from school to do household works, take care of younger siblings, etc.

Parents who gave birth to a girl baby hesitate to educate them. They feel that’s of no use, rather than providing education it's better to save it and invest it in terms of gold. They thought, it will help them in future. But in reality, education is the best source to withstand independently and to survive in the society.

Women like Hillary Rodham Clinton, Malala Yousafzai, Erna Solberg, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and some more people fight for girl’s education. Education is the best solution to overcome such kind of discrimination against girls. Providing a good knowledge education breaks a social barrier between boys and girls.

“Let a girl child to live peacefully, it reflects in our nation too”
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