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International Missing Children Day

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Posted On : 2016-05-24 17:12:43

National Crime Records Bureau, in fact, deciphers missing children figures in India in terms of one child going missing in the country every eight minutes. More worryingly, 55% per cent of those missing are girls and 45% of all missing children have remained untraceable. 

A missing child is a parent's worst nightmare.

Steps to be followed by the Parents in case a child is missing:

  1. Dial 100 for police or 1098 for CHILDHELPLINE.
  2. Go to the Police station and register an FIR.
  3. Upload the information of the child on missing children portals such as Khoya-Paya.
  4. Think about what your child was wearing when you last saw him/her. Was he/she carrying with him/her, a mobile phone, money, bank cards, any items of sentimental value such as toy etc.?
  5. Notify all local media assignment desks.
  6. Make a list of / talk to friends, acquaintances, and anyone else who might have information or clues about your child.
  7. If you know where your child is and you are still concerned for their safety (e.g. if they are at a house where you suspect criminal activities are taking place) you can ask the police to carry out a welfare check on that house or location.
  8. Parents should immediately inform the Station Master or officer concerned at nearby railway station as usually trafficking or migration of children mostly takes place through railway route.
  9. Rapidly create and disseminate posters to help generate leads.
  10. Remember - NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!

International Missing Children’s Day was first proclaimed in 1983. International Missing Children’s Day is observed May-25th of every year which honors the commitment to help locate and recover missing children by reminding parents, guardians, families and communities that every child deserves a safe childhood.

In this International Missing Children’s Day  is a day to remember many missing children who are still out there .It's our duty to convey them a message that we never, ever stop looking  for them. When you come across a poster of a missing child Please share it. Just one small act can bring a child home safe.

                                                              A Missing Child Is Counting On Us.


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