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Leader Vs Boss

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Posted On : 2015-06-19 17:35:36

Leader is a person who leads a team by proper guidance and Boss is a person who manages employees in the work premises. Mostly both boss and leader have same features but still they differ…How? What make the one superior than the other? Will you like to be a boss or a leader? Before deciding on these aspects let me point out the basic differences.

Boss delegates the work to leader and the leader will in turn assign the task to his team mates. Leader educates and guides his team to get the best outcome. He never commands or rules his team, he just listens to their mates need and query and try to get solution for the same. Boss directs the project and leader get it accomplished. Leader never let his teammates down in any circumstance on other side boss work on their welfare concerns. There should always be a mutual understanding between the boss and leader for their successive growth.

Leader takes initiatives and directs his team members towards the work involving his participation where as boss keeps observation and monitors their work staying aside. Boss is always keen with final outcomes and will not need any lame excuses. For any failure or issues leader takes the blame on behalf of his team and further analyzes the reason to get solution. Boss thinks from company’s perspective while leaders think from team’s perspective. He always shares the credit with his team while boss share the credit as a whole.

Now I think that you have got clear understanding on the role of boss and leader. Leader helps you to learn and grow while boss train you to become an exceptional leader. So once you become a good leader then these traits make you a boss for your company.


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Chandru sharma
Chandru sharma
4 years ago

Nice article... its really interesting and easy to understand about leader and boss

4 years ago

A perfect article to understand who is leader and boss.


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