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Live Each and Every Moment with Gleam

Common category: Author : Arthi
Posted On : 2016-06-04 09:04:59

In our machine life, we don’t even get a time to feel our joy. Every one is like a separate world and they use their gadgets without speaking even with their neighbours. They share their feelings like smile, sorrow, angry, teasing others everything in the way of stickers. Nowadays, the people don’t have time to speak with their family members.

Life is very small. It is our responsibility to allocate some time for our loved ones to express thoughts and feelings. Once we shared to our dearie, whatever the problem it may be, it suddenly disappeared at a time. In this world, everyone can buy everything with their money but no one can be able to get happiness like that. Being alone never give a happiness to any one, so try to make a good friends circle and spend some time with them. Happiness lead you to live for long days. As of technology grows, the people are going behind to learn knowledge and earn money by losing their beautiful moments. 

                                          “A day without Laughter is a day wasted”

Happiness is nothing but taking part or involving in interesting activities. It may be a games. While playing games, victory is not only the joy but also a participation is much more important than victory. It gives such memorable moments which never forget in our life time. Education is also important for everyone but learning without fun, educated like a machine never gives you a fruitful life. Laughing is the most precious thing, which deserves only for human being. So try to be a human being not be a robotic. 

                                  “Being Happy and Making others Happy is a Fulfillment Life”


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3 years ago

Excellent article...Happiness is very important for human life..We have only one life we should make it as glee as possible.....


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