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Raise Your Hands for Education

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Posted On : 2015-04-20 08:28:39
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Raise your hands, encourage and inspire people to get basic education. Extend your hands and support the needies and ensure that every child get the best education. Education can change and shape our future bright. You can give a child a most precious gift in the form of education as there is no substitute for education.


Education empowers you and gives you confidence to face different situations. It makes you alarmed and aware of your circumstances. Thus education should be given and made compulsory to all children irrespective of their financial status and backgrounds. Only educated people can strive, survive and differentiate things better.

Education not only makes our life perfect but also enhances the nation’s pride and growth. Giving education to girl or women is like giving lives to a whole family. There is a saying if we educate a man, we educate man only and if we educate women we educate the entire family. It gives them dignity and enables them to take care of their life on their own without any dependency.

Education is the best way to empower the lives and protects their rights, growth and self-sufficiency. Education helps you understand yourself, make you a responsible citizen and guide you on right path. You can achieve great progress in your life with this priceless education.


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