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Things to keep in mind for an exam day

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Posted On : 2017-03-01 17:44:02

Dear lovable +2 Students,

The time has come to prove who you are and your capability after a long time of study & revision. Yes, tomorrow is finally the exam day. Now, the first thing to keep in your mind is that kick out fear. Remember it is not a giant and it’s just a platform to prove yourself. Make sure your performance should reflect your hard work. 

Night before and the day of exam are most important things to be handled in a right way as they have the power to determine your success. 

Night before the exam:-

Night before the exam is a great time to revise and check your memory power by recalling the things you have learned earlier. Before you go to bed close your books keep it aside and just recollect the things that you remember.

Check the exam timing and venue to avoid confusion and it will enable you to make plans to reach on time.

Keep the materials that you need for exam such as Hall ticket, pens, pencils, ruler, calculator etc.., inside the bag that you are going to carry.

Eat and sleep well as empty stomach and lack of sleep will lead to weakness and stress.

Set alarm to wake up on time.

On the day of exam:-

Before Exam:-

Wake up early, revise once, have a balanced breakfast and drink enough water.

Assure that you reach to the venue half an hour or one hour before the exam.

If you are going by vehicle then make sure it is in proper condition to drive.

Don’t revise till the end of the time. Close your books and relax for a while.

Once again check whether you have all things you need for exam before entering the hall.

Don’t panic or get nervous.

In the Exam hall:-

Sit in a comfortable position, keep calm or pray for a minute.

Once you get the question paper, read it thoroughly.

Fill the the first page of your answer sheet properly, check your register number and other things twice. 

Make a plan and allocate the time for each section and question.

Start writing the things you are confident without looking around. Use the timings effectively.

Don’t get struck if you didn’t remember a thing, just leave it and you will get that in memory in sometime.

Try to complete it before 5 to 10 minutes, tie knot for the papers properly, check page numbers and review your answer papers once before you hand it over to the examiner.

After Exam:-

You have done your best and nothing can be changed further.

Don’t discuss about the exam with your friends.

This exam is over and don’t think about it again.

So, relax and prepare your mind for the next exam. 

All the best.


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