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Tips for public exam paper presentation

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Posted On : 2016-02-26 16:34:01

The way you present your answers in exam paper plays an important role for scoring good marks in your public examinations. We have heard some students saying, “I wrote all answers correctly still I missed out some marks”. This is due to lack of neat paper presentation. Examiner can know that you are confident of your answers, only when your presentation is good.

Here are some tips for you to improve your exam paper presentation:-

Present your exam paper in a way that creates a good impression on you in the mind of examiner. Write your answers with blue pen and you can use black pens for writing headings & important topics. Avoid using different color pens or sketches as it is not recommended by experts in board exams.

Before you write the answer in the exam paper make sure of what you are going to write. As first impression is the best impression, first answer the questions that you are confident then go for the rest.

Avoid careless mistakes and striking out of answers as it may create a bad impression on you. While writing a particular answer you have to focus on the important words and points. Give appropriate sub headings/topics for your detailed answers. While answering a question bring the essential information in the being and underline the important words with black pen or pencil. 

Care should be taken while writing definitions, formulae, theorems and drawing diagrams as these are the things that help you to get you good marks. Give proper title for the diagram and label them properly. In mathematics exam, while solving problems highlight the formula and final answer. For objective questions you have to write both answer and option. 

Try to write answers in points or short paragraphs with proper sub heading rather than writing a big paragraph. Remember that examiners will not read answers completely while correcting your papers and they look mainly for the important words as given in their answer keys. So, mention the important keywords that are important for a question.

Finally recheck your answer sheet to see whether you have missed out anything and underline important sentences with pencil. The interest that you show in presenting your answers correctly and neatly will get you good marks in your examinations.

Wish you all success!!!!!!!!!!!


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