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Top Ten BSF Facts - BSF Raising Day

Common category: Author : Sarvana.LA
Posted On : 2016-12-01 09:38:04

1. BSF founded in 1965 after the Indo-Pak war revealed the weaknesses of the Indian border security system and are dedicated to protect all international boundaries of India.

2. The BSF is the world's largest border guarding force with 186 battalions and 2.4 lakh personnel to its name.

3. Their motto really is 'Duty Unto Death'. Seriously, how badass is that.

4. It is the only Indian paramilitary force with its own Marine and Air wings and Artillery regiments that support the general duty battalions in their operations.

5. The BSF has a separate camel and dog wing that lets them expand their reach into varied terrain and threatening situations.

8. They maintain a very unique Tear Smoke Unit (TSU) in Tekanpur since 1976 that produces tear gas munitions for anti-riot forces.

9. The BSF has access to special all-terrain vehicles for their personnel in the Rann of Kutch. These help them monitor over 4,000 kms of inhospitable terrains in Gujarat.

10. It is the BSF that conducts the Wagah border ceremony on the Indian side of the border

Peace-time or war, the BSF is always at work - defending the borders during war, and guarding and preventing trans-border crime during peace-time.


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