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Facts About Mahatma Gandhi Assassination

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Posted On : 2016-01-30 17:12:34

Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in New Delhi at the 79 on January 30 1948 at the Birla House.
Gandhi was shot in the evening at 5.12 pm

Gandhi was shot by Nathuram Godse when he was going to a prayer meeting. Nathuram Godse was a prominent member of Hindu Mahasabha .

Gandhi was shot thrice in the chest at point blank range

Gandhi was shot using Beretta M 1934 semi automatic pistol

Many prior attempts were made to kill Gandhiji by Nathuram Godse he was arrested twice for approaching Gandhiji with a Dagger.

The first attempt to kill gandhiji was made by bomb in 1934.

Godse and Narayan Apte was sentenced to death while six other are given life sentences.

The last word uttered by Gandhiji is "Hey Ram"

Gandhi made a statement two days before he was shot  .He said 
"" If I'm to die by the bullet of a mad man, I must do so smiling. God must be in my heart and on my lips. And if anything happens, you are not to shed a single tear."


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