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Traditional Vs Modern Teaching Methods

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Posted On : 2015-06-16 18:02:32

In this fast moving world things are changing rapidly.  With the advent of new technologies work has become much easier than ever before. Technology has made its impact on all fields and education is not an exemption. The teaching method has undergone drastic change in this digital world.

While discussing about traditional and modern teaching methods we will find many variations. First and foremost, in tradition method we have a class teacher who take classes and teach us the moral things with her physical presence. She monitors the activities of each student, identify their problems and gets solution to it. In this method we fully rely on her subject notes and lectures and there won't be any collaboration and interaction among students. We give high importance to exams rather than their understandings.

In this method we don’t have any liberty and are entitled to strict regulations. We don’t have any digital equipment or devices and knowledge sharing is very much limited. But now in modern teaching, we are transforming from black board to digital class rooms where the sessions will be taken over the projectors and smart devices. In this method students are much exposed to technologies and it gives wide scope for learning. It brings new learning style and allows collaboration and interaction among students. 

In modern methods students remain focused as there is no strict control over them. Similarly teachers can share their study material over soft copies or create blogs for teaching, use microphones for delivering lectures to enhance their teaching method.  Now you may think which method is the best? Traditional? Or Modern?  As per my perspective I will go with both traditional and modern teaching method. Both methods are equally good and need to be imparted to the students and ensure that every student have equal opportunities in learning.


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4 years ago

In this modern world the need of modern teaching has grown exponentially even though the importance of traditional teaching is compulsory. Since there are more modern invention and technologies have come children were quick enough to grasp anything faster.


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