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What you can do to save environment?

Common category: Author : Saravana
Posted On : 2016-06-03 11:53:42

We humans selfishly harmed the environment and if the harm continue at this rate our earth will become toxic dust bin. There is only one planet to live and its our duty to preserve it for our future generation.We are not the only living things in our planet but god gave only human grace of intelligence and sixth sense. But we are not using it in a right way. Change your minds and thoughts about the environment.Spread your thought globally.

So what are we going to do help our environment.

  1. Plant trees and follow afforestation as much you can
  2. Reduce the use of plastic and recycle it
  3. Purchase products that are recyclable and reusable, and recycle these products such as cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum and glass  
  4. Reduce auto emissions with regular auto maintenance, car pooling and use of public transportation when possible. Fix oil, transmission and radiator leaks in your car
  5. Go to the car wash or wash your car on the grass not your driveway
  6. Don’t buy products made out of endangered wild animals skin
  7. Don’t buy medicines made out endangered wild animal in the name of traditional medicine.
  8. Don’t buy any artifacts made by bones and tusks of wild animals
  9. Don’t hunt wild animals, inform to forest officials if someone does it.
  10. Don’t cut trees.
  11. Reduce fossil fuel consumption.
  12. Create a garden in your home
  13. Educate your children about environment good practices.
  14. Don’t burn plastics, tiers etc
  15. Don’t waste or contaminate water

Everyone can't do everything,but everyone can do something!


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3 years ago

Clear explanation...Every individual has follow to save our earth..


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