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Why I Should Eat Vegetarian Only?-Scientifically Proven Benefits.

Common category: Author : Saravanan.L
Posted On : 2016-11-01 09:31:52

Vegan diets have been praised for a multitude of benefits; on this world vegan month let us see the scientifically proven benefits of becoming a vegetarian below 

Reduced risk of cancer, diabetes and premature death. 

Vegan diets tend to be higher in fiber, which decreases the risk of colorectal cancer.


Vegans also tend to eat seven or more pieces of fruit and vegetables per day, meaning we have a 33% reduced risk of premature death

When compared to other dietary groups, means that vegans are leaner have lower BMIs and have lower percentages of body fat.

All this means that we’re less likely to get weight-related diseases such as diabetes, have a reduced risk of heart disease and have lower cholesterol, blood pressure and reduced risk of prostate cancer!

Your chance of living a longer, healthier life is increased by making sure you eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, whole grains and other nutritious foods each day, including B12 fortified products.

Just pledge this 30 days to eat vegetarian only and I assure you will see experience increased energy, clearer skin, reduced allergy symptoms, stronger hair and nails, and relief from the pain of migraines and PMS. That’s not to mention the feeling of well being that comes from knowing your lifestyle is alleviating animal suffering and limiting environmental damage.


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