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World Refugee Day

Common category: Author : Arthi
Posted On : 2016-06-20 15:10:01

Every year on 20th of June is observed as “World Refugee Day” in order to create awareness about the refugee’s situation throughout the world. The main cause to celebrate this day to provides an opportunity to all to help the refugees worldwide to rebuild their quality lives. The day was established by the General Assembly of United Nations for the refugees to honor them for their courage of facing lots of problems.

Refugees are not born, they are created. It happened due to conflict or violence in their country. This forces more than hundreds of people to flee each day and find a place to save their lives. All of a sudden, they lost their birth place, family, friends, education, job, home country, etc. They longing for basic needs of food, shelter and clothes. 

“They are safe but they are not in their homes”

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has taken immediate steps to support with all the humanitarian needs for the refugees. Every year, the annual celebration of the world refugee day is based on particular theme to run the campaign effectively. This includes protection, perseverance, hope, courage, tolerance, respect,etc. 

Short - term relief:

  • Place to stay with basic necessity
  • Sufficient food and water
  • Clothes 
  • Free clinics

Long - term relief:

  • Rebuild their lives
  • Medical ailments
  • Schools to educate children
  • Friendly environment for psychological relief
  • Provides job
  • Provides new skills to make a positive contribution
  • Teaching handwork to make them to survive independently

World refugee day event is celebrated by organizing variety of related activities all through the world to increase awareness among society and to highlight over the issues contributing to the conditions of refugees in the society. 


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Jack the cool
Jack the cool
3 years ago

The solution should come in the name of Humanity and responsibility for the refugees.

3 years ago

Nice explanation.everyone has responsibility for refugees.


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