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Gamification in Education

Education trends: Author : Merlin
Posted On : 2016-08-16 17:26:33
Students are interested to learn with fun rather than focusing only on a systematic study. Gamification in education means the intersection of learning and fun which has tremendous potential in education space. When Gamification is implemented in learning, the students will be able to learn persistent, be creative, take risks, pay more attention and solve critical problems easily.
What does Gamification of education exactly mean?
Gamification in learning is a technique which motivates the students to learn, influence their behaviour and enable them to engage in studies via gaming elements. The interest of the learners can be captured and they will be inspired to learn more & more as it involves engagement and enjoyment. It concentrates more on inducing learning in studies than games. Hence it is termed as non-game context.
Then main objective of education system should be enabling the students to engage, recognize their interests, know what to learn and create a self learner attitude. Gamification approach will definitely satisfy this goal. The game elements include progress measuring techniques (progression), narration, control over the action, challenges, problem solving, social connection, fun, discovery, count down, immediate feedback and achievements.
Gamification in education enables the students to learn on their own, to identify & manage their tasks, try again without restrictions, discover motivators for learning and so on. It is different way of learning with differentiated instruction which will turn class into a game of rewards & learning into a game, improve teacher-student interaction, engage students and help them to learn their best.
Gamification is a great concept to be implemented in schools as it enables the students to be more creative and interactive in classroom which will in turn boost their learning.

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