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How to learn effectively for your Exams?

Education trends: Author : S.Manikandaprabhu Sivagnanam
Posted On : 2016-03-01 14:15:16

The X and XII STD exams are gearing up on their way tothreaten the students. Stay cool. If you have learned effectively there is noneed of fear and anxiety. Let’s get on to the article with some best learningtips.

How to learn effectively:-

All students would be rolling out with their books in handsand the words that circumstance their minds are “Exams! Exams !! and Exams!!!”

Don’t be bookworms:-

Don’t be bookworms. Analyze the subject what you arestudying. Don’t mug up the topics. Understand and learn.

Register, remember and recollect:-

Figure out what you learn. Try to make a pictorialrepresentation. So, it’s quite easy for you to register remember and recollect.

Hand on Activities:-

Always have a written practice. It will definitely help youto score good marks. Remember “One written practise is equal to 1000s ofreading practise”. Don’t be lazy and ensure that you have a written practice. Neverskip even if it is a small paragraph or a equation or formula….that you mayknow strongly.

For ex:-formulas in maths, equations in chemistry andgrammar in english etc…..

You can also go ahead by recording the lectures and it couldbe a better alternate too. Thus, listening and writing are the two keys foreffective learning.

If you are trying to score a pass mark, choose only theimportant questions and finish it off.  Have a written practise on it. Then, startstudying other topics.

Test Yourself:-

It is very essential to test yourself. Get the previous yearquestion papers and tests yourself how fast and how accurate you can presentyour answers with a given time limit.  Seta time limit for your test. Be confident and think this as a pre test or aspecial for your exam. When you test yourself, you can analyze yourself andbring better changes. Value your answer paper by yourself genuinely. 

Don’t get Distracted:-

It would be cool to hear some music and chit chats while youlearn. But, you can’t get a complete concentration. So, Stay away fromdistractions while you learn.

Set small Goals:-

The students say a topper, average and poor studentsprepares for their exams on different aspects. Set some small goals dependingon your ability to complete it. But remember to have fun after completing atask. It would relax and refresh you.

Summarize what you have learned as a gist and recollect it.


 “Exams don’t test your knowledge as much asthey test your state of mind. Be relaxed and calm down, I am sure you will dofine. Best wishes to you”.

Edubilla,the global education and Information portal extends a warmth wishes to all theX and XII std students.

Preparewell…. Do well… Score Well…

Allthe best. Good Luck!!!


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3 years ago

This will be a best guidance for students who are in exam anxiety.


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