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Why Digital Technology is Integral To Contemporary Education

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Posted On : 2016-09-13 11:23:04
In an era where technology has become very influential, it is really not surprising to learn how education has been changed by technology. In spite of the fact that education technology (EdTech) has become quite an exhausting market lately, experts still believe that technology's role in changing the ever-evolving field of education is critical.

Education technology has been concentrating in exploring the commercialization, personalization and democratization of teaching and learning in recent years. However, one question remains--is technology changing education for the better?

In the book, "Is Technology Good for Education," Australia's Monash University education professor and nook author Neil Selwyn outlined the present key issues and debates about education technology. In an interview with Inside Higher Ed through an email, Selwyn explained why many educational institutions have been experimenting with technology to be incorporated in classrooms.

According to Selwyn, education technology or digital education has been the latest trend when it comes to contemporary education. However, today's EdTech is no longer based on the experimentation with technology alone. Instead, colleges are basing their whole provision on digital technology.

Education technology has become the "mainstream orthodoxy." As technology dominate the educational experience of most students and teachers, Selwyn stressed the stakes are much higher now that in the '90s and EdTech has now become a billion-dollar enterprise that affects the entire society.

Due to the contradictions and complexities between education and technology, Selwyn also pointed out that online is the best platform for the ongoing conversations regarding education's future. Selwyn added better news media commentary on education and technology are also essential.

Speaking of education and technology, IT Business Edge revealed the so-called "micro-degrees" have the potential to bridge the pace-of-change gap between the educational systems and technology. "Micro-degrees or nanodegrees" is a program that aims to provide a "credentialed set of skills" in just a short timeframe.

Since traditional and old-school class can't keep up with technology, Yello's (Chicago's talent acquisition software provider) CEO Jason Weingarten explained that these "micro-degrees" can provide tools that can immediately add to the skills acquisition ecosystem. These developed apps and programs are also not taught in school as no one could even teach it yet.

Meanwhile, technology's influence and advantages in the field of education are really undeniable and unstoppable. Unfortunately, the rise of technology has become challenging to the education and employability of those who are visually impaired or disabled, Your Story reported.

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