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For IAS Coaching – All Roads Lead to Delhi

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Posted On : 2016-02-05 15:19:55
A newly appointed IAS officer has this to say. “A post in the Central Government Service is more than a coveted job. The challenges it offers have brought out the best in me, so much so I am looking forward to a total transformation in my personality”.
The officer is bang on.
Each year more than 10 lakh candidates sweat it out to crack one of the toughest competitive exams anywhere in the world. And to make things disappointing to the majority of them, only a couple of thousand make it through.
What is it that differentiates the winner in UPSC exams?
Is it competence, hard work, brilliance, luck or simply taking advantage of the best coaching for IAS in Delhi?
One composite answer says it all. It is a combination of all of the above.
Even with all qualities in place, most aspirants from all over India have realized that undergoing the best IAS coaching in Delhi is the only approach to make any headway.
Why it is that Delhi is pulling IAS aspirants like a magnet when there are scores of IAS coaching centres spread all over the country?
The answer is anything but simplistic.
One truth nevertheless stands out in favor of Delhi. For decades this city has been the training nucleus for scores of IAS hopefuls; but this is not all. The key reason is Delhi has churned out more successful candidates than any other city in India.
Here are a few good reasons why best coaching for IAS is found mainly in Delhi.
•The best among the institutes in the National capital have a structured tutoring program that was created, keeping the IAS syllabus in mind.
•The faculty members are experts and experienced in each of the subjects.
•The focus is on holistic development and training rather than rote.
•The institute admits candidates based on aptitude regardless of their financial or social background.
•Even when knowledge is imparted to a group, attention is paid to individual needs.
Delhi’s emergence as a preeminent hub for UPSC coaching is continually gaining ground. Hundreds of IAS contenders are now making a beeline for best coaching for IAS in Delhi because they know this is the only way to boost their chances of success.
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Classic IAS Academy is a New Delhi based unit of Classic Group, which for the past 25 years has been associated with top MNCs and Corporates. With focus on the service industry, Classic IAS Academy with its high quality faculty members has established itself as the center for best coaching for IAS in Delhi.
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3 years ago

The candidates who are going to appear and get a success for a most respective job of IAS officer in upsc examination , this full fledged article is a boon for them.


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