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Kunskapsskolan International readies Gurgaon children to face life challenges smartly

Educational Institutions: Author : Dhayanandhan R
Posted On : 2015-09-16 16:27:44

Kunskapsskolan Education Sweden that had recently announced its expansion in India with the launch of second school in Gurgaon named Kunskapsskolan International School,  conducted a "Ready for Life" seminar wherein experts spoke on how students can be educated for facing life challenges smartly.


Emphasizing on the need for readying students for the challenges of life, Mr. Matt Rosen, Academic Head Kunskapsskolan said, "Today we live in a very different environment compared with the one which existed when we were students. Society continues to evolve and with the new opportunities, come newer challenges and surprises. As such, it is imperative that education programs evolve and are devised correspondingly."


Life Skill Program, an important and integral element of pedagogy at Kunskapsskolan International School sensitizes children to the fundamental building blocks of various works & professions through hands on experience. It also helps them communicate their feelings more effectively and manage anger and differences of opinion. The program is geared towards helping the children identify their aptitude and strengths so as to

choose an apt career path and also enable them to independently handle their daily chores


According to Ms. Sunitha Nambiar, Program Director, Kunskapsskolan Eduventures, ""Our vision for Kunskapsskolan International is to empower students to become life smart through an amalgamation of strong academic and life skills programs. Kunskapsskolan International combines academic rigor with personal development of students through the unique Kunskapsskolan Educational Program (KED). It is this very approach that has enabled Kunskapsskolan to transform the educational landscape in multiple countries with its chain of approximately 50 schools around the globe including Sweden, UK, and USA!"


Kunskapsskolan's Life Skill Program includes training of children so that they do not fear to be on their own. It also includes developing skills in children on how to manage their time and finances, become independent learners, have a mindset for innovation and problem solving and hone the skills required to succeed at the work-place in future. The process of inculcating these values is an extensive and structured one, spanning the child's entire school life.



 During the seminar, Ms. Aparna Samuel Balasundaram, one of the leading parenting experts, spoke on 'How Parents should tackle a child's behaviour today to strengthen their chances to succeed tomorrow?' Mr. Rohit Kumar, one of the leading motivation and skills experts addressed the gathering on 'How children should be empowered to be Life Smart?' A 'Healthy Eating Zone' was set up wherein ideas and recipes to make 'fussy eaters' interested in healthy meals were shared. While the parents listened to the experts, the children were engrossed in a bevy of activities including Memory Games, Shoe Lacing & Buttoning, Ping Pong Ball Painting, Motor Skill Challenges, Paper Cup & Lego Tower Challenges, Puppet & Kite Making, Origami etc., in the 'Kids Experience Zone' organized under supervision of experienced Kunskapsskolan teachers. 


Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon is a CBSE school which offers K12 education based on the KED program for Indian and international students backed by the highest academic standards in a world class learning environment. Kunskapsskolan Education has developed and offers an Indian version of its highly acclaimed KED program, adapted to IPC, Indian CBSE and IGCSE exam board. A unique feature of the KED program is that the learning process can be adapted to any curriculum.


The new school, Kunskapsskolan International, is a day boarding school set in a campus spread over 7 acres around Sector 70A of Gurgaon. Kunskapsskolan International follows the CBSE Curriculum up to Grade 6 and from Grade 7 onwards provides the option of choosing between the CBSE and the Cambridge/ IGCSE curriculum.


About Kunskapsskolan Schools in India:


After creating footprints in Sweden, U.K, & USA, Kunskapsskolan is changing the educational landscape in India. The Swedish name Kunskapsskolan, freely translated means "The Knowledge School" in English – a school where knowledge and learning is foremost. Kunskapsskolan has a chain of approximately 50 schools across the globe. The Kunskapsskolan schools are among the leading schools of Sweden and the success of its program can be judged not only by students performance being higher than the Swedish national average, but also by the rapid growth of KED schools across several countries around the globe. Kunskapsskolan currently has two schools in India, Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon and Kunskapsskolan International, both situated in Gurgaon. For more information, please log on to


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