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PGDM Courses in Present Day Education System

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Posted On : 2015-11-03 12:10:30
We all know that doing a PGDM course is equivalent to doing an MBA Degree. PGDM is Post Graduate Diploma in Management. Anyone interested in making a booming career in management then this course would be suit them the most. Most of the institutes have different options to doing this course. The options available in most of the institutes are:
•Full time Course
•Part time courses
•Online Courses
•Executive Courses
•Distance Learning Courses
You can choose from any of the option along with the choice of your subject. You can specialize in any subject you wish to. Like MBA PGDM Course is also a 2 year program that have 4 semesters, 2 semesters in each year. You can choose any subject as your Major or minor for specializing in that particular subject. The usual options available for specialization are:
•Human Resources (HR)
•Information Technology
•International Business
•Risk Management
•Consumer Behaviour
There are many other specializations but these are most popular. There are special faculties allotted for each course who have experience and expertise in training students in these courses. The course is a mix of classroom training, practical training and also lectures by guests. These guests lectures are taken by management gurus, or faculties of the top industry owners, CEOs, VPs, etc. who share their knowledge on a particular topic along with their experience in it. They guide the students to handle all tasks and problems in a hassle free manner and to take decisions wisely. Case studies and group discussions also play a major role in any PGDM Course.
Across India there are 100s of Management Colleges and Institutes and lakhs of student’sgraduate each year from them, but how many of them have actually gained from the training given to them in the college. Not many, because most of the colleges actually don’t give the students the knowledge of the corporate world. With changing trends it becomes important for students to also be aware of the latest trends of this management & corporate world. For which they need to make industrial visits, have more of guest lectures, do more case studies and do their internship from a company that has the best of people to get trained from.
If you are looking to do your PGDM Course with specialization in Marketing then you must opt the best marketing company in your city or other from where you know you will get the best knowledge and training. PGDM course allow you to spread your wings in your field of expertise with the best knowledge and training that they give you. Choose only that specialization where you think you can excel.
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3 years ago

Great.... Came to know the different types of PGDM Courses.


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