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Problems in the Indian Education system

Educational Institutions: Author : S.Manikandaprabhu
Posted On : 2016-04-23 12:45:09
The Indian Education system is considered to be one of the best education systems in the world.I still agree that and there are many problems in the Indian Education systems that are not known to the public in a magnifying glass. I do not want to refer something and the things come out of my heart as I have crossed years in my academics.

We the Indians are forced to move with the current education system and there is no one to question the drawbacks. This article is mainly focused to improvise the education standards and the education system and not to blame the current system.

Exams, Exams and Exams!!!!!!!!

The first and foremost thing I submit here is the Exams. Nearly 70% of the students study only to score marks in the Exams and not to learn the new concepts. It is merely a waste and this will go vanished after the exams are over.

It will affect his career when he/she wants to rewind the things later when it is needed. This may be a short collection of words but if you think of it deeply it means a lot and lot to you in the education system.

Govt schools vs Private schools:-

This is going to be one of the major factors that create a complex between a Govt schools and the private school students. Even though you could add up with the reasons, there is a small heart in your corner saying Yes.

The syllabus and the curriculum are same in both and the clash lies in the infrastructure and the miscellaneous facilities. I could ask a direct question.

Why can not these facilities be added in the Govt school to makes the kids feel happy while learning?

I know this question is going to be a terrific one and it needs an answer from the soulful hearts.

If you think of this question from the minds of a kids who are lodged in Govt schools you could realize their feelings.

There is a basic fact that people do not  get in to Govt schools, hospitals etc and this is not a case when they go for Govt jobs.

I could say one more fact that getting a seat in the highly reputed schools or colleges by giving a lumpsum amount also affects the education of others who could not get that due to their low economy. It directly or indirectly affects the education of other students.

There are more to summarise on this and once these facts are nullified with a proper system everything will be good and we could get a better, standard and a beautiful education system in India. This may be a short collection of words but if you think of it deeply it means a lot and lot to you in the education system.

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