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Top CBSE School in Jaipur

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Posted On : 2017-04-15 13:35:51
Education is the wonderful world of knowledge, Creativity & innovation.
And Real Education is based on Ethics and Values.
Rawat Public School is one of the Best CBSE School in Jaipur
Here we find every aspect of education
To motivate children.
To make them Responsible.
To encourage their potential...
To make them well mannered...
All Focus is given to personality grooming..
Rawat Public School a leading institution if Rawat Educational Group is wellwersed with all new technologies essential in the field of education .
Excellent Board results has made it Top CBSE School in Pratap Nagar.
In Various Co curricular activities it has rocked Rajasthan. Even in Sports Cricket, Basketball, Taekwondo and Football Champions have proved the efficiency of Children and their Coaches.
Regard for Culture, Efforts for developing Confidence, Efforts for weak Students &Homely Atmosphere has made it different from others because it believes in doing things in a different way.
Behind every success a lot of hard work is hidden, & A true guidance makes thing unique so the person behind all this is Director Mr Narendra Singh Rawat. He achieved heights of success in very short time and made Rawat Public School Top CBSE School in Pratap Nagar. Dedicated and Devoted Members of Rawat Public School are pillers of this successful educational institutions.
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Rawat Public School

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