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Environmental Studies

Posted On : 2015-06-02 17:27:22

Environment is the surrounding in which we live. It is a habitat that equips ourselves with the nature. The study on environment is quite interesting in which we learn about the things that are around us. The environmental study is the need in our day to day life. To the clear note, the environmental study is about knowing and not learning. 

Environmental studies include all those things that are essential for our survival like air, water, soil and plant. Today with growing population and changing life style of people, environment is facing a big crisis. The other activities like cutting down trees, pollution, damning rivers etc have also caused significant impact on environment.   All these activities as a whole will lead to natural disaster.

Environmental studies examine the link between people and the environment. The forthcoming generation should be made aware of these environmental aspects. Thus the environmental studies should be taught to them in schools from the initial stage. It teaches them the life of other living creatures and their survival. It gives an idea and solutions for the problems relating to the current and future environmental issues. Environmental knowledge is very important in order to cope up with the changing climatic conditions.

Degree courses in environmental studies give students lucrative and rewarding career. Choosing such discipline gives you unique recognition and is of great demand these days. Even the graduates in this stream have large opportunities in different sectors like journalism, biological research, education and environmental engineering. 

Thus it’s our responsibility to preserve the green environment for our future generation. Environmental studies are quite important for human life.


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3 years ago

Nature is the gift to all. It's our responsibility to conserve this nature. Nice article.

4 years ago

Pollution has increased to higher extent due to the devastation of natural resources and increase in carbon monoxide in air. Every student must study about our environment so they bring better fortune in future. They can only create awareness to all people.


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