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5 Fascinating Trends in Education Technology

Posted On : 2016-12-14 14:54:00
Technology is shaping up today’s modern life with almost everyone owning a smartphone, the way it changes our everyday lives’ is inevitable. Technology is utilized in most of our daily activities from the workplace and even in education.
In schools, there’s a certain division between educators who embrace the coming of technology and there are those who fear it mainly because the dramatization of technology’s role in a classroom setup.
With different scenarios like taking over of artificial intelligence in terms of teachers being replaced by robots or the possibility of cyberbullying in school, there are certain teachers who don’t realize the positive outcome of this change in methods of teaching.
There are powerful tools offered for free for teachers who want to take advantage of these digital tools, allowing them to make and edit documents, presentation, and even worksheets in order to revolutionize education in the present times.
The change comes with a huge advantage. Today, teachers can upload various learning materials on software that students can utilize at any given time, anywhere. Furthermore, students and teachers can have direct conversations virtually, plus give more time to make lessons inside the classroom a valuable experience.
Here are 5 fascinating trends in education today:

1. Audio and visual activities inside the classroom

Sometimes, students will get bored whenever a teacher discusses certain topics that they do not find interesting. The digital world allows teachers to create a fun learning experience by showing lessons and activities that includes audio and visual tools.
•Teachers can now think of new ways to make learning fun and interesting
•Teachers can create their own videos to share in the classroom
•Teachers can make creative activities for students using audio and visual
•Teachers can discuss the lessons using audio and visual tool
•Teachers can create a video to send important reminders to his or her students
•Teachers can create an online and hybrid teaching space
•Teachers can engage with students at any given time
•Teachers can help students find universities in preparation for college

2. Competency Based Education (CBE)

Competency Based Education (CBE)is an approach which allows students to advance based their abilities. This includes their mastery of their expertise and capability at their own speed in different environments.
CBE is a useful method that is tailored to come across the different learning styles of each student and help them become more efficient in terms of skills and knowledge .
With the help of technology, teachers can guide their students to be achievers when it comes to learning and for the future rather than just focusing on acing their exams. Teachers can even track every student’s progress with the help technology.

3. Mobile learning

Technology has really changed the world. Today, teachers can save time by utilizing digital tools owned by his or her students such as smartphones.
In the past, computers are used for internet consumption. But nowadays, more and more gadgets for students are being used, that they would rather choose mobile phones over cellphones because they are handy. Students can read academic essays, books, and journals using the revolutionizing gadget.

4. The power of social media

Social media became a powerful tool in the world today. Everyone can be reachable online using these platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Social media is imminent phenomenon that’s playing a vital role in the educational sector, and in different universities.
Today, even some schools and universities utilize this powerful tool to send updates such as changes in the school calendar and other school activities with just 150 characters. Here are other ways to utilize the power of social media:
•Update with the school calendar
•Update with the achievements and accomplishments of the students
•School pride
•Invitation for other students in their universities
•A virtual map of the university for applicants
•Interactive learning experience
•Online document of courses offered

5. Alternative learning

Because of the age of technology, teachers are not required to just stick to the normal classroom setup where they teach using chalkboards and textbooks because there are different gadgets available in the market such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Teachers now have the ability to find effective ways to educate their students using tools that students can bring at home such as:
•Online journals
•Powerpoint presentations
Truly, technology with the power of the internet has shaped how people engage in learning. It has now become part of our everyday lives’ that we cannot get away from it hence we should be adaptable to its relevance. Furthermore, technology in an educational setup will pave the way to a brighter future for young minds to be valuable in the society and in the future.
Technology provides vital importance in the education system, in terms of support in educational matters, along with enhancing the student’s process of learning. With technological gadgets, students can do research with efficiently that may lead to better student performance, especially in complicated subjects.
With the help of technology, educators can now improve on their jobs because it creates a new and enhanced setup where they make their lessons more interactive, and in return, an improved learning experience in the classroom.
Furthermore, teachers can utilize the help of the internet in terms of research and saving less time and money with traditional methods of teaching. Moreover, communication is easier with the help of technology. In the present times, teachers can now provide more learning tools to share with their students.
Lastly, technology isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, the best response to its presence is utilizing its abilities and capabilities to help shape the world for a better future.Author bio:
Daniela McVicker is a psychologist, lecturer and writer at Get Academic Help. She is fond of traveling and self-development. You can follow Daniela on Twitter
Article posted by:
Daniela McVicker

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