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Online Gaming Portal for Schools

Posted On : 2016-08-05 16:21:47
The Finnish-American games company TeacherGaming LLC, known for MinecraftEdu and KerbalEdu, is launching its own online games marketplace for schools.

With the TeacherGaming Store, the company aims to encourage educators around the world to adopt games into their classrooms. Rather than focus on games developed purely for a classroom setting, the store offers more traditionally entertainment-oriented titles with educational applications. 

“When talking about educational games, we shouldn’t forget the fact that games are a learning experience in and of themselves,” said TeacherGaming CEO Santeri Koivisto. 

With five years of experience in the educational market, TeacherGaming has built a client network of over 15,000 schools around the world. With the TG Store, the company hopes to put it to use by reaching out to game developers who wish to expand into education.

“When dealing with schools, there is often a lot of red tape involved, and some smaller studios might not necessarily have the resources to handle it themselves,” said Koivisto. 

The store also caters to homeschoolers and other private users, but a permanent educator discount of -33% is offered to registered institutions and teachers. To help schools get started, lesson plans and other teaching material also come bundled with game purchases, free of extra charge. 

The first batch of games to arrive on the TG Store includes several STEM-compatible titles such as the action-packed engineering game TerraTech and the brilliant space simulator Universe Sandbox ², as well as the innovative language-learning game Influent.

The next batches of titles for the store are planned for September and November. In the meantime, its dedicated forums will serve as a community hub for educators to share ideas and feedback on its current offerings. 

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