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Six Months industrial training in PHP

Posted On : 2017-03-07 16:18:14
In this article the costs and likely benefits of industrial training are compared, for the nation, for the individual, and for companies under the impact of levy/grant systems introduced under the Industrial Training Act, 1964. Problems of decision‐making at national and industrial or company level will be related to new problems facing the individual in modern society. The problem of evaluating the benefits appears in a new and more favourable light if industrial training is seen as an effort to increase not merely skill and technical knowledge, but also motivation and as looking forward to a new pattern in industrial relations.

Friendmile software provide industrial training in php. This industrial training is good for IT graduate for example BCA, MCA,B-TECH students. We provides training in affordable cost. Friend mile software is one of the best place for Php training. Because we are not Only focus on practical training ,but we also provide theoretical knowledge. Because practical knowledge is good for work and theoretical is good for learning . The Industrial Training gives a great boost to the students profile and career prospect.

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