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What is the future scope of Machine Learning?

Technology: Author : chandrusekaran
Posted On : 2016-09-23 11:36:17

Have you ever thought of a system which will read a hand written text and type it? Or a face recognition machine? A machine is anything that lessens human effort. The art of developing machine which does not need extensive programming is known as machine learning. 

What is Machine Learning: 

Machine learning is the process of developing artificial intelligence in computers, It does make computers do the desired work without being extensively programmed and with least human efforts. It does make a use of statistical analysis and predictive analysis.

Scope of Machine Learning: 

The companies such as Google, Quora, Facebook hire people who know machine learning. There is intensive research goin on in machine learning in the top universities of the world. There is no upper limit to the salary of machine learning experts in the top companies.

Skills needed to learn Machine Learning: 

The given skills are needed to learn machine learning: 

Python/ R/ JAVA: The knowledge of any of these programming languages will be an added advantage in implementing the machine learning algorithms 

Probability and Statistics: The machine learning algorithms are based on the principles and theories of probability and Statistics 

Applied Mathematics: The tools to draw mathematical models are of great use in implementation of machine learning principles 

Unix Tools: It will be easier to work on data sets while working on Linux-based machines

Materials and source for Self Study: 

Various universities in USA and other nations have MS course in machine learning. Some universities even have a separate department for machine learning. Those who cannot afford to study abroad can make the use of online courses and books to learn the subject. 





The Elements of Statistical Learning by Freidman, Hastie and Tibshirani 

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning by Bishop 

Machine Learning with R by Brentt Lanz 

Machine Learning with Spark by Nick Penetreath

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