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World’s Largest Supercomputer without using US Chips

Technology: Author : Arthi
Posted On : 2016-06-21 09:41:13

The Chinese supercomputer has been declared as world’s largest supercomputer built with domestic chip technology. Recently, China concentrates in improving TaihuLight systems without using US semiconductor due to the country’s lessening faith on it. Tianhe-2 was the previous record holder which is also located in China. Now, Sunway Taihulight speed is more than triples the Tianhe-2. The US and China to be integral to made this supercomputers mainly for national security and scientific research. 

Features of TaihuLight:

  • Comprises of 41000 chips, each with 260 processor cores
  • It has total of 10.65 million cores compared to America's top machine, which consists of 560000 cores. 
  • Memory is built with just 1.3 petabytes which is relatively light on its feet. 
  • The energy efficient is drawing just 15.3 megawatts of power
  • Built with Chinese semiconductors rather than US semiconductor

Highlights of TaihuLight:

  • It is fastest than all others
  • It performs some 93 quadrillion calculations per second 
  • It is also called as Petaflops
  • Hardly 5 times powerful than the speediest US system, ranked third world wide

Applications of TaihuLight:

  • Supercomputers are used for a variety of tasks that includes civilian work like climate forecasting and product design.
  • It is useful for High-stakes research, including cybersecurity and nuclear weaponry
  • It helps in the field of manufacturing, life science and earth system modeling.


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