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Importance Of Time Management

Time Management:
Posted On : 2015-02-05 14:20:06

It is indeed a hard task to describe the motion of ‘time’. For some, time seems to stand still, while for others, it flies. There has been no consensus on this subject as of now and it is anyone’s guess if there will ever be one. Yet, we all know one thing for sure that time is important. It regulates your life, regardless of whether you like it or not. So much so that the world deems any man as successful who utilizes his time in the best possible manner. Others pile up on the categories of failures or ‘wasted talents’. The importance of time management has only increased over the years. In this dog eat dog world, you are not only expected to do your best at a given thing, but also be able to do it in a given period. It is even better if you are able to accomplish beyond your target in the same period. Under such circumstances, it is only natural that you are worried about your time management or rather, the lack of it. It is important that you chart out an effective method for handling the time that is available to you.

Significance Of Time Management
The first thing that you should remember is that everyone has the same amount of time at his or her disposal (of course, it is cliché, but then, it is true). None needs to be reminded that it is very easy to waste time. The saddest part is that many a times you think you are using time, but still end up wasting it. This not only leaves you frustrated, but also short of time to do things that you actually love to do. What time management does is help you utilize a resource that cannot be reclaimed once it is lost. Time management makes you:

Time management involves setting up targets and pushing oneself to do it within a period. What it does is make you more efficient. You will not only find yourself completing your tasks well within the allotted time, but will also find yourself with more than enough time on your hands for other activities. You will also find yourself without the need to procrastinate every small task that you know for sure will multiply over time.

You must be familiar with that feeling of burden that you feel every time you fail to complete your work within the allotted time. Having to handle the pressure of pending works and your present assignments often gets to you and you find your performance dropping. Time management allows you to be free of all this stress and actually increases your output and performance.

Free From Lethargy
Lethargy often sets in when you have a feeling that nothing will come out of what you are doing. Some even say that lethargy is a polite term for laziness and the fact is that people understand laziness better than lethargy. Therefore, you are in a very unenviable position of being labeled as lazy. With time management, as your performance reaches an optimum level, your sense of lethargy will become a thing of the past.

Start Enjoying Work
Admittedly, not every work in this world is interesting. But then, it all depends on your outlook. Studies have shown that most people feel a sense of satisfaction with their work once they start believing they are good at the same. It is only in the presence of self-doubts that people start disliking their work. With time management, it is possible to enjoy work as you become better at it.

Sense Of Achievement
There is nothing that spurs the confidence of a person than the feeling that they have achieved something. You feel a sense of achievement that is sure to improve your self-confidence manifold.

Personal And Social Development
With time management, it is almost a surety that you will improve your professional and personal skills. With time, you will also receive due recognition. People are more willing to stand back, notice, and appreciate your work and this could lead to a noticeable development in your personal and social life. Increase in confidence, self-discipline, and willingness to explore your limits are all products of time well used.

Life Becomes Easier
It is like stating the obvious, but you will never realize the extent of this until you actually start reaping the rewards. The overall well-being that time management brings will change your life in such a manner that it would be quite easy to notice the changes that comes about in your life. From being extremely fast paced and completely out of your control, your life will now move at just the pace that you always wanted it to be.

As a side note, it ought to be mentioned that there will exist numerous difficulties, but sticking to your plan for managing your time will eventually yield results. Every endeavour has its own difficulties and coming out of them is not easy, not the least in an inefficient lifestyle.


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3 years ago

good article. Really self-confidence is always related with this time management. And if we all use the time efficiently it will help to go higher places.


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