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John Campbell Brown Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society Awarded In 2012

John Campbell Brown

John Campbell Brown

Award Name : Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society

Year of Award : 2012

Award for : Astronomy

Location : Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom


John Campbell Brown FRSE (born 4 February 1947) is an astronomer, former Regius Professor, now Emeritus at University of Glasgow, Astronomer Royal for Scotland, and is an honorary professor at both University of Edinburgh and University of Aberdeen.He is an Emeritus member of, and till 2010 he led, the Glasgow University research group in theory and modeling of solar and stellar plasmas and is especially involved in diagnosing solar high energy particles using data from spacecraft. 

For his world leadership in this field and his other contributions to astrophysical research and public outreach he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society. He participated in teaching astronomy at all levels, from 1st year undergraduate to postgraduate.In his role as Astronomer Royal for Scotland, he gives public talks and performances with the objective of generating wider awareness of astronomy as a fun subject as well as a fundamental part of our culture.


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