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A call for all young generation to participate in our global digital revolution

Dr K.Karthikeyan posted 4 years ago
We are continuously saying that students and young generation are the pillars of India. But more than 15 million engineering graduates are jobless and searching to start their career. Industry of all sectors should grow according to the commercial need of the country and the global needs. Many policies to be changed and our country should be safe guarded and our young generation should be given secured life to think, act, research and to work in a better way to give the best production and progress for India and for the globe.

SGBC INDIA started their journey for training all type of engineering, arts and science graduates and all youngsters who are dynamic and have passion to learn and work. We create Job opportunities in various industries that we are creating in a unique and better way to make a digital revolution in India.

Young generation all over India shall join this training with job guarantee and shall start their pleasant life with passion to meet the challenge.

We will be in all categories of business and industry in next five years.

When everybody work and earn money in a proper and legal way there will be no poverty in a country. Self discipline, Self respect, self determination, self dignity will be in people, thus the culture and tradition will be fortified. That country will be the super power that will guide and secure this earth and the global people.

Where there is proper meaningful education with their own language and other needed languages is taught that country will grow. Students should know for what they are put in school. Without basic discipline and humanity no education will make a progressive human for this world.

India have its own tradition and its said the best culture in the globe. Living with discipline, love and humanity is the basic need for a human in any country in this earth.

Mahatma Gandhi said “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and the soul of its people". First, parents should be role model for all their children. If parents live with good discipline, then children follow their way.

So, let we make changes for a disciplined and cultured life to change this world in a better way.

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Madhavi replied 4 years ago
What kind of training is been offered by SGBC India.
Mani kandaprabhu replied 4 years ago
I am really amazed with the unique featured scenario.Let us make a better change in the future.