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Education Guarantee Card

Tara posted 3 years ago
Education Minister Vinod Tawde informed that the government will be providing the Education Guarantee Card (EGC) to record the Education history of the Children from migrating families. Education Guarantee Card will inform about the previous education qualification of the students, so students can be easily enrolled in the new school as per the history.

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Jaslynn Joan replied 3 years ago
Government has made a very good scheme for the children who are frequently migrating to new places. This Education Guarantee Card helps them to join new school without any difficulties.
jack marco replied 3 years ago
A good move that can help the students and the parents to get enrolled with the new educational institutes and move ahead for the future prospects.
chandru sharma replied 3 years ago
Yeah... This is nice step that taken by education minister. hope it will helps to students carry their education to long.
dinesh replied 3 years ago
dinesh replied 3 years ago
dinesh replied 3 years ago
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